Someone Already Made A ‘Drunk Tom Brady’ Action Figure And It’s Absolutely Incredible

drunk tom brady action figure

Getty Image

Tom Brady had himself an afternoon at the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl boat parade on Wednesday. He started off by showing the world his new $2 million boat, a slight upgrade from the duck boats he’s celebrated his six other Super Bowls on in Boston. The next memorable moment came when he decided it was a good idea to toss the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to another. As soon as that clip hit social media it was becoming pretty clear that Brady had wet his beak.

Brady isn’t one to really let loose, the man hasn’t had sugar since like 1996 and his body may be allergic to carbs by this point, so it was surprising to see him showing out like this during the boat parade.

Then, the video of all videos was shared showing Brady absolutely hammered (allegedly) and struggling to walk as he made his way past a group of photographers and media members.

Absolutely iconic.

While thousands upon thousands of memes have been made about Brady stumbling his way away from the parade, one person took things to an entirely different level.

Swankensetein_Customs decided to make an actual action figure of ‘Party Boy Tom’ and it’s beyond incredible.

I mean, this is perfect. First of all, the face legitimately looks like Brady’s, he has the white Nike shoes, he even put the knee brace on his left knee and he created the masterpiece less than 24 hours after the clip hit the Internet.

Swankenstein’s Instagram bio reads: “creating my figures for the betterment of humankind,” and that’s exactly what they did with this epic action figure.