Dude Perfect And Two-Time Long Drive Champ Jamie Sadlowski Teamed Up For A Golf Trick Shot Video

Jamie Sadlowski is a long drive beast. Somehow, someway, the 26-year-old Sadlowski has managed to win two RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships despite only being 5’10” and lass than 180 pounds. I suppose it doesn’t matter how tall or jacked you are when your club head speed exceeds 150mph.

This week, Sadlowski and his sponsor, Callaway Golf, teamed up with the dudes at Dude Perfect to make a long drive-inspired trick shot video. They shot most of the video at Callaway’s Ely Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad, CA.

As far as trick shot videos go, I will say that this is another one. If that doesn’t seem like high praise, then…well…you don’t know me very well, do you?