Dwight Howard Getting Strapped To A Rocket Out Of Houston? A Storied Franchise Is Interested In The Polarizing Star

According to a report from the New York Daily News, the Celtics and Rockets are in talks about a trade that would bring Dwight Howard to Boston, which would incredibly make for his fourth team in five years.

The strange aspect of the talks is that Howard can opt out of his contract this summer, so why offer chips to the Rockets when you can just outright sign him in the offseason? Making the trade for “rental” purposes doesn’t make any sense either. The Celtics are a respectable 28-22, but by no means a title contender.

Then again, giving away some assets for the big fella might not be that big of a dent for Boston, because they own or control the Nets’ next three first-round picks.

Regardless, would you ever have guessed such a sequence of events for D12 after his dominant years in Orlando? He was once a free agent prize that every team was yearning for. Now? Not. I’m pretty sure Kobe melted poor Dwight’s fragile brain. And all it took was one season.

The polarizing Howard is averaging 14.4 points (lowest since rookie year), 11.8 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks per game.

Additionally, despite the Patriots being ousted by the Broncos, it appears that thoughts of the Super Bowl remain at the forefront in Boston even when talking hoops.

Oh, and Howard was just suspended one game for swiping away the arm of a referee. Banner season, no doubt.

[H/T NY Daily News]

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