Guys, Dwyane Wade’s Sneaker Company Doesn’t Even Know How To Spell His Name Right

One of the newest members of the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade, might not appear to have a tricky name to spell, but with the “Y” coming BEFORE the “A”—which is untraditional—it makes for a some common mistakes.

You don’t need to tell that to D-Wade’s sneaker company, Li-Ning, which not only misspelled the name of their biggest superstar, but did so on an advertisement for all of us to laugh at.

[protected-iframe id=”7d1f9d13ba1933ee21f574a8aef1dbec-97886205-21275894″ info=”//” class=”imgur-embed-pub”]

Last names like Krzyzewski, Antetokounmpo and Roethlisberger might appear to be more challenging, but it’s those easy ones that will always get you. Let’s just hope Li-Ning fixes the problem so not to further embarrass themselves.

[H/T The Score]

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