EA Sports Has Now Removed All Russian Teams From FIFA ’22 And Twitter Is Losing It

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  • Russia started an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine last week, opening war in eastern Europe.
  • Sports figures, leagues, and now video game companies, are beginning to remove their affiliations with the country.
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News surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken the world by storm over the last week, with the country opening up full-fledged war in eastern Europe. The unprovoked move has led leaders and national figures in the US to move away from any and all affiliations with the Putin-led nation.

As the attack continues, we’ve seen athletes from around the globe stand up in support of Ukraine.

These include Russian-born hockey players speaking out against their home country, including stars like Alex Ovechkin. Tennis players Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev have also made it clear they want no part in war.

The support of peace in Ukraine is not only hitting Russia on the media front, but it’s been hitting their wallets, too.

Last week, the UEFA had an emergency meeting which resulted in the Champions’ League Final being pulled out of St. Petersburg. The economic impact of the move could see a loss of around $55 million for the city.

Now, another big name in soccer has made its stance on Russia known.

FIFA Video Game Franchise Is Removing All Russian Clubs From Its 2022 Edition

EA Sports announced on Wednesday that it’s uber-popular FIFA franchise would be removing all Russian clubs and the National Team from its newest edition.

Social Media Reacts To The News, But It Seems To Be Divided On Its Commentary

It seems that half of the world is in support of this move, as it further hits Russia’s wallets and decreases the visibility of the country during this time of war.

The other half, though, sees this as a way of wrongly punishing the players for being born in a country where their leader makes these unjust decisions.