The Eagles Haven’t Received Any First-Round Pick Offers From Teams For Carson Wentz After Initially Asking For Two First-Rounders

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The Philadelphia Eagles insist on getting several first-round picks in exchange for Carson Wentz.

On Friday, NFL insider Ron Jaworski revealed that the best offer the team had gotten in a potential trade for Wentz is two second-round picks from the Indianapolis Colts.

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, went on to add that “league sources doubt Roseman has been offered a first-round pick of any sort for Wentz, this year or in the future in his report.

Last week it was reported that the Eagles were only interested in getting a Matthew Stafford type deal that would include two first-round draft picks in a trade for Wentz.

If the Eagles are going to eventually have to lower their asking price for Wentz if they’re serious about trading him.