Eagles Expect Jalen Hurts To Take ‘Another Jump’; D’Andre Swift To Strengthen Passing Game

Jalen Hurts

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The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly highly optimistic about quarterback Jalen Hurts’ potential for growth, as they anticipate him making another major leap in his performance.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler shared the team’s belief that Hurts has consistently displayed improvement throughout his career and has the potential to develop into an elite precision pocket passer.

Fowler’s comments during an appearance on Get Up shed light on the Eagles’ high expectations for their young signal-caller:

“The Eagles expect Jalen Hurts to make another major jump, he’s done it every year. They believe he can be one of those elite precision type pocket passers.”

Hurts demonstrated significant progress during the 2022 season, delivering an exceptional performance reminiscent of an MVP-caliber campaign and leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Compared to the previous year, his statistics showed remarkable improvement, with 35 total touchdowns and just 6 interceptions, as opposed to 26 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 2021. Additionally, his quarterback rating soared from 87.2 to 101.5.

Despite falling short in Super Bowl LVII against the Chiefs, Hurts showcased his talent by outplaying renowned quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He contributed 4 total touchdowns, amassed 374 total yards, and achieved a quarterback rating of 103.4, while completing over 71 percent of his passes.

Hurts’ stellar performance underscored his ability to excel even in high-pressure situations.

Furthermore, Fowler revealed that the Eagles are particularly excited about the acquisition of running back D’Andre Swift, as it significantly bolsters their pass-catching capabilities.

Swift, who previously played for the Detroit Lions, has proven himself as a dynamic receiver, accumulating over 50 catches in a single season. In contrast, no Eagles running back recorded more than 23 catches during the 2022 season.

With Swift’s arrival, the team anticipates being able to design plays that facilitate easier throws for Hurts, leveraging the running back’s receiving prowess.

The Eagles secured the services of D’Andre Swift through a trade during the 2023 NFL Draft. The move was made possible after the Detroit Lions selected running back Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round, making Swift expendable.

Philadelphia’s acquisition of Swift reflects their commitment to enhancing their offensive arsenal and providing Hurts with more weapons to excel in the passing game.