Eagles Fan Aborts Future Children By Allowing His Cowboys Fan Wife To Boot Him In The Nuts After The Eagles’ OT Loss

by 2 years ago

Skip to 3:30 for the real action.

Now I know what you bros are thinking: it’s very out of character for a dude in a Michael Vick Eagles jersey to make a poor, poor decision. They are usually pretty measured human beings. But, after the Eagles 29-23 overtime loss to the Cowboys last Sunday, an Eagles fan made true on his bet with his Cowboys fan wife and allowed her to give him a poor man’s vasectomy. They even allowed their children to witness it, just to let them know that they won’t be getting any more brothers or sisters. Passive aggressive parenting at its finest.

When you ask her if it’s ok to watch the game at your buddy’s place:

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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