Eagles Fans Are Convinced Micah Parsons Wants To Play In Philly After He Reps 76ers In NBA Playoffs

Micah Parsons

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently taking on the Boston Celtics in the NBA Playoffs and the stars are coming out to watch the series.

Dallas Cowboys superstar linebacker, Micah Parsons, was seen attending Sunday’s contest.

However, his wardrobe choice has Philadelphia Eagles fans wildly speculating about his jersey choice.

NBC Sports shared a clip of Parsons walking toward his seat on the sidelines. The Cowboys star turned heads in Philadelphia though as he’s repping a 76ers jersey.

It’s really not that crazy to see Parsons repping the 76ers. The guy grew up in a town just outside of Philadelphia. Obviously, the guy is a fan.

I mean, he could be an Eagles fan considering he lived so close to the city. Additionally, he attended Penn State, which isn’t all that far away from Philly either.

Even so, Eagles fans are (at least halfway) convinced that Micah Parsons wants to play in Philadelphia instead of Dallas.

Some Eagles fans really believe this.

Rather bold claim.

Can’t a guy just root for his favorite team without all of this speculation?

Based on how Howie Roseman runs the Eagles, I honestly wouldn’t put it past him to make a move for Micah Parsons one day.

There is likely no underlying reason for Parsons to rep the 76ers other than he grew up being a fan of the team.

Even so, Eagles fans sure seem convinced he wants to play for Philadelphia.