Popular Youtuber & Eagles Superfan EDP445 Being Investigated By Police After Getting Accused Of Sending Inappropriate Messages To Fake 13-Year-Old Girl

YouTube/Chet Goldstein

Eagles superfan Bryant Moreland, better known on Youtube under the username EDP445, was allegedly caught trying to meet a 13-year-old during a “To Catch A Predator” type vigilante sting operation and the police are getting involved.

On Monday, YouTube channel Chet Goldstein, a channel known for running independent pedophile sting operations, live-streamed chat logs that feature explicit messages allegedly sent from Moreland to a 13-year-old decoy named Sophie.

The men who ran the sting operation, Alex Rosen and another man named Ghost from C.C. Unit, confronted Moreland, who apparently believed he was meeting with the 13-year-old Sophie outside of her apartment building.

Moreland admitted to sending the messages when confronted and says loneliness is what led him to interact with the 13-year-old in that matter.

At the end of the video, an emotional Moreland walks to his car while the men call the police on him.

According to various reports, the local police are now looking into the matter to see if Moreland broke any laws.

California’s child pornography laws strictly prohibit the sending of obscene photos of minors, such as the showing of genitals which Moreland is accused of. As of now, Moreland has not been arrested as the police conducts their investigation.

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