Eagles Want This XFL Rule In The NFL And Fans Are At Odds


Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

It’s that time of year when teams across the NFL propose new rules to the league. Of course, they each must be voted on.

With that in mind, the Philadelphia Eagles proposed a rule change that’s already in the XFL. Even so, it has most football fans at odds.

According to Dianna Russini, the Eagles want the onside kick rule that’s in the XFL implemented in the NFL.

We’ve seen it in action already, as we watched a team make a brilliant comeback in the first week of the XFL. It turned heads as football fans enjoyed the whacky drama it ensued.

However, it seems those same fans are at odds about whether it would or in the NFL or not. Some even offer a slight change to the Eagles’ proposal.

A lot of fans want the rule to be five yards further.

It’s not clear whether or not the Eagles want the exact rule that’s in the XFL. Still, though, it would make things incredibly interesting in close games.

It’s rare to see the words “fun” and “Madden” in the same sentence these days.

This is an incredibly fair point. You can’t really trust NFL referees.

As reported, the rule proposal needs a 24/32 vote to pass. Considering this isn’t the first time it’s been proposed, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Look for more updates on this rule proposal in the coming weeks. The Eagles could be onto something.

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