Earl Thomas Appears To Flip Off Seattle Seahawks Sideline As He Gets Carted Off The Field After Suffering Leg Injury

by 6 months ago

Before the start of the season, Seahawks defensive back Earl Thomas wanted the team to commit to him longterm by signing him to an extension or to trade him to a team that would.

Via NFL.com

“In the end, it’s like I said: If the Seahawks don’t intend on having me around for the long-term, then I understand,” Thomas wrote. “And if they want to start over and rebuild, then that’s their right — it’s part of the business. It’s not what I want … but I get it. All I ask, though, is that if that’s the case, and they don’t want me anymore — just please trade me to an organization that does.

“Please trade me to a team that wants me, so I can give my all to them for the rest of my career.”

Thomas decided to end his holdout but let the team know that he felt “disrespected” by their actions.

I worked my whole life for this….. I’ve never let me teammates, city or fans down as long as I’ve lived and don’t plan on starting this weekend. With that being said, the disrespect has been well noted and will not be forgotten. Father Time may have an undefeated record but best believe I plan on taking him into triple overtime when it comes to my career.

Unfortunately for Thomas it seems like his season is over after his leg was put in an aircast following an injury and he was forced to get carted off the field.

While leaving the field on the cart, Thomas could be seen giving someone the finger and many believe he was flipping off his own sideline in disgust.

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