Seahawks’ Earl Thomas Shows Respect For Rob Gronkowski After Delivering A Hit That Reportedly Punctured Gronk’s Lung

Rob Gronkowski took a clean hit to the chest Sunday night delivered by Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas that he described as “one of the hardest hits I’ve ever taken in my career.” While the hit was originally believed to just knock the wind out of Gronk, the latest reports indicate it to be more serious–a punctured lung. Gronk, who is only half human, played the rest of the game but finished with an un-Gronk-like three receptions for 56 yards.

The Patriots are notorious for keeping injuries in-house so the timeline for his return is unclear, but it is likely he’ll be out for the Patriots’ next game against the 1-8 49ers.

Earl Thomas, who Gronk described as “a good fast player who’s like a missile,” took to Twitter to wish Gronk a speedy recovery following the news of the more serious injury.

Props to the five-time Pro Bowler for taking the high road and not gloating on social media about sidelining a 6-foot-6, 265 pound beast. Also, cap tip for hitting Gronk high instead of going at his knees like some jerkoffs (Cc: Vontaze Burfict).

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