Ed Orgeron Reacts To Radio Caller Who Mocked Him Live On Air For Infamous Bedroom Photo Leak

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Why anyone would want to be a public figure this day and age is beyond me.

You literally die a hero (Elvis) or live long enough to become the villain (Cosby). This is precisely why I chose to be a fringe blogger who seasonally fluctuates in weight to avoid being recognized and held accountable for all the half-informed takes and false bravado I’ve projected on this digital hellscape.

Urban Meyer is the ultimate microcosm of this point. How many stories can we squeeze out of a consensual bar grind? The answer, according to the media, is infinity.

Seth from Superbad was right: People really don’t forget, and the internet has become little more than a database of receipts for all our moments of weakness.

I typically don’t like to fan the flames of this toxicity, but funny is funny, and by God do I have a treat for you today.

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron, who’s already on the hot seat after going 8-7 since winning the national championship in 2019, was put in an extremely awkward position fielding calls on the Ed Orgeron Show this morning when a seemingly innocent caller flipped the switch real fast.

Caller: Before I get to my call about special teams, I have to be an embarrassing big brother real quick. My little sister is in attendance there tonight celebrating her 20th birthday. Can you wish her a happy birthday?

Coach O: Happy 20th birthday! What’s her name?

Caller: Bebe. Little Bebe, that’s what we call her.

Coach O: That sounds like a familiar name I know. Happy birthday, Bebe!

Caller: She is a little blonde headed girl so, O, try not to have sex with her and put it on—[call cut]

After a moment of severe anxiety, Coach O chimed in with a threat on the man’s life.

“I’m going to say something right now. Down in the Bayou, we have a nice little fishing hole for people like that.”

Lest we not forget, in October 2020, six months after divorcing his wife of 23 years, a photo of Coach O in bed with a younger woman saturated the internet.

The internet does not forget. There should be entire college courses teaching this lesson alone.

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