Ed Reed Cries In Emotional Interview While Blasting Bethune-Cookman AD As ‘Evil’

Ed Reed posing for camera

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The saga between Ed Reed and Bethune-Cookman Football appears to be coming to an end. This is despite Bethune-Cookman players starting a petition to save his job as the new head coach of the football team.

It was revealed over the weekend that Bethune-Cookman was not going to ratify Ed Reed’s contract despite a verbal agreement. Reed learned about the school’s decision while he was giving a speech to recruits ON CAMPUS.

His impassioned speech after learning of the school’s decision went viral.

It is clear that Ed Reed still wants the job and he’s apologetic for his comments regarding the trash.

On Monday, Ed Reed joined Roland Martin Unfiltered on YouTube to discuss the fallout. He broke down crying while also referring to the Bethune-Cookman AD as ‘evil’.

During the interview, Ed Reed revealed he had turned down the head coaching position at Jackson State. That role has recently been vacated by Deion Sanders. Reed says Deion himself called Ed about the position, saying “I turned down the Jackson State job to come here Roland Martin. Jackson State, Deion Sanders called me himself man.”

Reggie Theus is the current athletic director at Bethune-Cookman. He was named to that position on July 7, 2021.

Ed Reed didn’t hold back when discussing Reggie Theus.

He said “I took families to a basketball game, and this man Reggie Theus is evil man, you’re evil man. This man is evil, dude. I took parents to a basketball game, you understand me, and he don’t come out during the warmups, at all.” Adding “the parents are like ‘where’s the coach?’ and when you do come out you got another man fixing your pants.

What led to the split between Ed Reed and Bethune-Cookman?

For a while, it appeared as if Ed Reed was going to take over as head coach of Bethune-Cookman Football. It would be a phenomenal hire for the school and a great role for Ed Reed.

But then this video happened:

His complaining about the dirty conditions of the school appear to have opened the rift. A rift that ultimately led to Bethune-Cookman not ratifying his contract. And now there is a war of words between the two parties.