Eli Apple’s Mom, Annie, Is ‘Happier Than A Kardashian In An NBA Locker Room’ To Join ESPN’s ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’

Eli Apple mother Annie Apple NFL Draft - Red Carpet

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Eli Apple’s mom Annie Apple has won over the hearts of Giants fans, football fans, and the suits over at ESPN as it’s been announced she’ll be joining the Sunday NFL Countdown crew. Her tweet in response to the news was just another reason why she’s been a must-follow and she will be a must-watch every Sunday morning.

Eli Apple is currently projected to be the #3 corner for the Giants, but his mom could easily outshine her son and the Countdown crew this fall.

We first started paying attention to Eli when an Atlanta Falcons coach asked the Ohio State Buckeyes corner if he liked men. Then, Eli got ripped by an NFL Scout for reportedly not being able to cook. And, that’s when Annie swooped in and became a star.

Her tweet about thirsty girls jumping into her son’s direct messages was just the tip of the iceberg:

I’m sort of shocked no one’s made a fake commercial for Jesus Juice – the juice that quenches thirsty girls.

Here’s a video of her giving one of the best interviews you’ll see this year:

Annie’s a lock to star in a hundred or so Campbell’s Soup commercials and should coach athletes how to not be boring during Q&As. As a Giants fan, I’m hoping her cool genes don’t skip a generation and Eli pulls off some slick pick sixes.

Via ESPN, College Spun