Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy Details Just How Banged Up Patrick Mahomes’ Ankle Was

Patrick Mahomes

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If his legacy as an all-time great quarterback wasn’t already secure, Patrick Mahomes solidified himself as a future Hall of Famer with his performance in Super Bowl LVII.

What makes Mahomes’ MVP performance even more impressive is that he did it on a bad ankle, which he originally injured against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Divisional Round and reaggravated in the first half against the Eagles.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy detailed just how banged up Mahomes was.

“I knew it was pretty bad when he got up limping. But I knew it wasn’t going to be bad enough where he pulled himself off the field. That’s just Pat. That’s who he is since Day One. He is as competitive as they come and he’s not going to ever pull himself out of a situation with his team, through the good and the bad,” Bieniemy said.

“At the time, I really wasn’t concerned. I knew that he would just find a way to walk it off. If we were to pull him off, I would have had to fight him, and he would’ve probably fought me. It wasn’t even worth entertaining, what was taking place. What a great person. What a great performance. I just wish everybody could have his mindset and determination.”

In Super Bowl LVII, Mahomes completed 21 of 27 passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns. He also ran the ball six times for 44 yards, including a key first down in the fourth quarter.

Heading into next season, the Kansas City Chiefs are once again one of the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl, as the defending champions currently have odds of +550 to win the title, which is the best in the league.

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