NBA Fans Call B.S. On ESPN’s Jay Williams For Claiming He Was Hacked Following Embarrassingly Inaccurate Tweet About The Boston Celtics

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  • ESPN’s Jay Williams tweeted out embarrassingly inaccurate about the Celtics after the team’s new coaching hire
  • Williams deleted the tweet and claimed he was hacked but no one believed him
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ESPN NBA analyst Jay Williams made a terribly inaccurate tweet about the Boston Celtics on Wednesday afternoon and is now claiming that he was hacked but no one believes him.

After the Boston Celtics announced they had hired Ime Udoka as their new head coach, Williams congratulated the team for hiring their first person of color as a coach which is clearly wrong considering the team has a long history of hiring black head coaches.

Hours after deleting the post Williams claimed someone hacked his account just to post the inaccurate tweet about the Celtics.

Fans immediately called B.S. on Williams considering how strange it would be to hack someone’s account just to make an inoffensive but inaccurate post about the Celtics’ head coaching hiring.

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