ESPN’s Adam Schefter Gets Ripped To Shreds Over Controversial Deshaun Watson Tweet Following Grand Jury Decision

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  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter gets ripped to shreds after posting controversial tweet following grand jury’s decision on Deshaun Watson case.
  • Schefter attempts to clarify his tweet hours later.
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NFL fans are not happy with ESPN’s Adam Schefter over his latest Deshaun Watson tweet.

On Friday afternoon, a Texas grand jury declined to charge Houston Texans superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson who was subject to over two dozen allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct.

Via Pro Football Talk

After a Harris County grand jury was presented all the evidence and had the opportunity to hear from all witnesses, grand jurors declined to indict Deshaun Watson. Grand jury proceedings are secret by law, so no information related to their inquiry may be disclosed,” the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

After news of Watson’s criminal case made the rounds, Schefter tweeted a post that many viewed as sympathetic towards Watson.

Update: Schefter provided a follow-up tweet to clarify his comments.