ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Gets Mocked For Wearing Terrible Prison Outfit On ‘First Take’

Kendrick Perkins


  • ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins wore prison-inspired outfit to take a shot at the Golden State Warriors following game 1 of the NBA Finals.
  • Perkins ended getting mocked by fans over his terrible outfit
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ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins tried to make a point with his outfit on Friday morning, but it backfired badly.

On the latest edition of First Take, Perkins wore a prison-inspired outfit to highlight his point about how the Celtics put the Warriors in jail during the second half of Game 1 during the NBA Finals.

“Molly, I’m telling you, they reopened Alcatraz because they had to find room to put the Golden State Warriors…because you know what happened last night? They got the handcuffs put on them in the fourth quarter.”

Perkins was immediately mocked by Stephen A. Smith and NBA fans over his ridiculous prison outfit.

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