ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Defends His Appearance On ‘The Jump’ During Rachel Nichols’ Apology After Receiving Backlash

  • On Monday, Rachel Nichols made an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump alongside Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson to apologize for calling Maria Taylor a “diversity” hire in leaked audio recording
  • Perkins and Jefferson were immediately criticized over their defense of Nichols on the show
  • Perkins jumped on Twitter Spaces later at night to defend his appearance on “The Jump” during the Nichols apology
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Kendrick Perkins has addressed the backlash he received after appearing on the latest edition of ESPN’s “The Jump.’

After the NY Times released an audio recording of Rachel Nichols saying Maria Taylor was a “diversity” hire, Nichols addressed the situation alongside Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson on Monday.

Perkins and Jefferson received criticism over their appearance during the Nichols’ apology.

Hours after “The Jump” aired, Kendrick Perkins jumped into a Twitter Spaces conversation to defend his appearance during Nichols’ apology.

“I’m saying that you can be mad with whoever else but at the end of the day Kendrick Perkins didn’t have anything to do with none of this conversation. Kendrick Perkins was scheduled to be on “The Jump” regardless before this even came out yesterday. Now I had to address it and I thought I addressed it appropriately, I thought I handled it appropriately, well for one I spoke and acknowledged Rachel for however you want to say her apology was, she apologized and I also said that she had never done anything towards me because she didn’t…and I gave Maria her flowers…At the end of the day I can’t go out there and go off and go crazy and risk losing my job because some people want me to go on there and speak for how they feel “

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