ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Is Advocating For Women To Be Allowed Inside The NBA Bubble For Conjugal Visits Before Playoffs


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is at again.

On Wednesday morning, the NBA sent a memo players to notify them that they were going to begin the process of bringing in guests inside the bubble. According to the NBA the earliest guests will be cleared to enter the bubble is August 31st.

As the NBA prepares for the arrival of team guests into the bubble for the start of the conference semifinals this month, the league is requiring players provide proof of “long-standing relationships” with non-family members, according to a memo obtained by ESPN.

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association negotiated terms that preclude players from hosting guests who’d be deemed as wholly casual in nature, including “known by the player only through social media or an intermediary,” according to the memo.

Those without “an established pre-existing, personal and known relationship” won’t be allowed into the bubble, where each second-round playoff team has been allocated 17 hotel rooms for guests. The earliest guests could clear the quarantine process and join players: August 31, per the memo.

On First Take, Stephen A. advised the NBA to allow women inside the bubble for conjugal visits before August 31st because players are starting to get lonely and they need the stress relief.

Stephen A Smith:
Loneliness, it’s very very simple, you better let somebody come up in there and see them. You understand what I’m saying to you. I’m just being real, somebody gotta say it… Six of those teams are going home at the end of this week because they’re not going to be in the playoffs, so that’s six teams and all their personnel..You can’t just let family come in but you can let one person come in. You can let a wife or girlfriend come.

I would strongly advise the NBA to facilitate that happening before August 31st not after. Just one person, it would go a long way.

Max Kellerman: Stephen A., are you advocating for conjugal visits inside the bubble?

Stephen A. Smith.: YES!

Stephen A. Smith is a man of the people.