Here Are 4 Exercises To Build Your Glutes In 2015, Because Chicks Dig A Nice Ass

Ask a group of women what part of a man’s body they look at the most and you will hear a bunch of answers. Arms, chest, abs…pretty much the entire upper body. So what us guys do is work the shit out of all of those body parts and practically ignore our lower body. But it’s time to get your head out of your ass and take notice to one of the most stared at body parts – your ass!

Maybe it’s not your fault that you didn’t realize this. You can clearly see when a girl is checking you out and notices a six-pack or 18-inch arms. But once you walk by her, she’s still drooling and this time she’s eyeing up your ass.

What did you think – we were the only sex that loves a nice butt? Women are just more discreet about it but they also love the look, feel – and hopefully taste – of a toned ass.

Cover all the bases and you can do so merely by simply tightening up your form on the lower body exercises that you already are – or should be – doing. You will not have to implement glute isolation movements that women frequently do and we also have an advantage by being able to use heavier weight with the standard leg exercises.

Here are the exercises that will engage your glutes as a secondary muscle and get the job done for you.


Use a full range of motion so that you hit everything that you should – your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Here’s a tip: tighten your glute muscles while you’re paused at the top of each rep for a second or two and release.


The go-to hamstring exercise is also good for your glutes and lucky for you, there are three different versions: lying, standing and seated.


These will really beat the shit out of your hams and glutes so take advantage of the isolation of those two areas by controlling the weight and doing the reps strictly.

There is a power movement that lists the glutes as the main muscle being worked with the hamstrings and calves as secondary muscles. But this is a great overall core builder, as well:


Granted, this is not the most comfortable exercise, but when the fuck did training become easy and relaxing? If you hold the bar in the place, it won’t roll over your balls. By using the floor and the contact with your back as a base, drive through with your heels and lift the weight with your hips.