Ezekiel Elliott Reportedly Has A ‘Very Good Chance’ To Play In Week One, Maybe Even More

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The story that has been unfolding surrounding the six-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott just gets more complicated by the day. Reactions to his suspension have been all over the board with even Zeke’s father throwing a twist into the saga.

Elliott has said that his ex-girlfriend is lying, has made threats and even allegedly tried to blackmail him with sex tapes.

On Tuesday, Elliott will appear in court to appeal his suspension, and while the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the independent arbitrator is “unlikely” to dismiss Elliott’s suspension without the presentation of new evidence, he still could play in week one.

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Why? Because, just like Tom Brady did with Deflategate, Elliott will more than likely take this case to the court system…

According to Pro Football Talk

Regardless of which side initiates the litigation (in Tom Brady‘s case, it was the league that filed suit), Elliott can seek a preliminary injunction, barring the league from suspending him until the case ends. It’s not an easy move, but NFL players (starting with the StarCaps case driven by former Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams) have had success in this regard.

So should Elliott take his case to the courts he would almost definitely be available week one and perhaps even much longer than that. As you may recall, Tom Brady didn’t end up serving his four-game suspension until 2017 even though it was initially levied in 2016.

H/T Larry Brown Sports, Pro Football Talk

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