Women’s Rights Group Wants Ezekiel Elliott Suspended For Pulling Down Woman’s Top At Parade

by 2 years ago

Yesterday TMZ released a video showing Ezekiel Elliott pulling down a woman’s top and exposing her breast at a St Patrick’s day parade.

While the first video seems pretty harmless, TMZ released a second video of the incident and it shows the woman slapping away Elliot’s hand before she went on to pull down her top herself.

According to Elliott’s rep the woman wasn’t upset about the incident but that’s not enough for Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, an women’s organization dedicated to fighting sexism and expanding women’s rights, who spoke to TMZ and says that the NFL should suspend Elliott for committing “sexual assault”.

The NFL has yet to comment on the video but it’s safe to assume that they are probably not happy about it.

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