Falcons Owner Buys His Way Into Golf After Purchasing Team In Tiger And Rory’s League

Falcons owner Arthur Blank

Getty Image / Todd Kirkland

Golf continues to grow as the Technology-Focused Golf League (TGL) is set to begin this coming January and it sounds like the league is already expanding.

Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, has bought his way into the golfing world as he’s purchased his own Atlanta-based team in Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s league.

Blank shared a video talking about his latest investment, as he seems incredibly excited about what the TGL has to offer for golf fans.

He also does a great job explaining what the league has to offer.

TGL is a unique golf league started up by both Tiger and Rory. It certainly brings something different to the table for fans.

Each team will consist of three players in the PGA Tour.

Additionally, “a purpose-built venue in Palm Beach, FL, will combine a data-rich virtual course with a state-of-the-art short game complex creating a unique experience for the fans in the stands and watching around the world,” per TGLgolf.com.

It’ll start in January 2024 and the season will consist of 15 matches throughout the course of the season. In the end, four teams will advance to the playoffs where they will compete for a championship.

With that said, it’s still unknown exactly what channel TGL will be aired. However, considering the league is partnered with the PGA Tour, there’s a possibility the same networks that cover PGA Tour events will air TGL.

If that’s the case, then matches could be watched on either CBS Sports, NBC Sports, or ESPN. An announcement is sure to be made in the coming months.

One thing we do know is that these matches will be shown on Monday nights during primetime, via the TGL website.

As seen in the video above, numerous pro golfers are competing. So, it should be entertaining. Especially considering Woods and McIlroy are playing on the same team together. What’s not to love about it?

Having said that, it’s cool to see the Falcons’ owner buy into Tiger and Rory’s league. The TGL has a ton of potential and should reel in plenty of views.