Max Homa Rips Heckler, Notes Negative Side Of Legalized Gambling

Max Homa lines up a putt at the BMW Championship.

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Max Homa is having a great weekend in Illinois as he eyes a top five finish at the BMW Championship. Unfortunately, a heckler tried to put a damper on Homa’s outing.

While lining up a putt on Saturday, the fan shouted from the crowd in an attempt to distract the golfer. Homa sank the shot then had some choice words for the attendee.

As Homa attempted a birdie putt on the 17th hole, an onlooker yelled, “Pull it!”

Apparently, the fan had a small bet on the hole and was hoping for a miss. Here’s what Homa had to say about the incident after his round.

“One of them had a $3 bet for me to make mine. I got to the back of my backstroke, and he yelled, “Pull it,” pretty loud. I made it right in the middle, and then I started yelling at him, and then [my caddie] Joe [Griner] yelled at him.”

He was then asked what he said in the exchange.

“That he was a clown,” Homa replied about the heckler. “Maybe another word.”

The situation brought about a fear that the golfer has about the new world of legalized sports betting. While he believes it’s great that fans can now wager on the action, he’s worried these types of interactions could become more frequent.

“I love that people can gamble on golf,” Homa said. “But that is the one thing I’m worried about. He didn’t care. I don’t know what he had to lose. He got kicked out, probably, but we were the last group.”

Luckily, the heckler didn’t cost Homa a stroke.

“It was nice to make it right in the middle, and hopefully he had to pay his buddy that $3 immediately on the way out of the property.”