Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife ‘Cause A Family Assaulted An Opposing Football Player After A High School Game

Here we are in the first month of football being back and, unfortunately, we’ve seen some serious shit go down on the gridiron—particularly on the high school level.

With two players blindsiding a ref after being directed to by a now former coach, to a kid getting Icy-Hot rubbed on his face by an opponent, I honestly never thought I’d live to see the day when each week seems to up the ante in the crazy department.

Well, looks like I’ve been proved wrong once again.

That’s because, during a game between California high school teams, Lakewood and Long Beach Millikan, a player named from Millikan actually kicked a HELMETLESS Lakewood player named Victor Bates while the runner was on the ground.

While the incident didn’t lead to a flag being thrown or a full-blown brawl between the teams—as I would have expected—it did cause something even more bizarre, as Bates’ family actually bypassed security following the game and got into the Millikan locker room to, allegedly, assault the kid who kicked their son.


USA Today

Here’s more info, according to a statement posted on the Millikan Football Facebook page, per USA Today:

“A Lakewood player’s family pushed the security guard aside and then attacked four of our players,” the statement reads. “Two were struck in the face and two were grabbed by the neck. Physically bruised but I am sure emotionally not okay. This all happened in less than 30 seconds and the family was out before the coach and trainer could do something. Security did nothing to stop the family from leaving.

Thank you for your concern and support. This is very disgusting and breaks my heart that our players were subjected to this. … The coaching staff and administration are not allowed to release names and to talk about this as it is an ongoing investigation. Please be patient and we will keep you informed at every turn.”

Well, this is discouraging. Way to set a prime example for the kids, parents.

According to the report, Millikan administration is working with Lakewood to file an accurate police report to help identify the alleged player.

Let’s keep it classy, high school football bros.

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