The Sixers Fan Who Flipped Russell Westbrook The Double Bird Said Russell Fat Shamed Him HARDDDD First

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Remember the wonderful moment on Wednesday night your dad passionately flipped Russell Westbrook the double bird after Russell finished a filthy and-1 in transition? The fan ended up being tossed from the Wells Fargo Center and leaving those primo seats unattended for 80% of the game. Russell went on to dazzle with the following stat line: 32 points, 12 rebounds, 9 assists.

The man’s identity has been revealed and he is Dr. Richard Harkaway, a Philadelphia urologist who moonlights as a comedian. Yes, you read that correctly.

Harkaway took to Facebook to post a message about the incident, claiming it was Westbrook who incited the gesture by commenting on his weight.

“To all my FB friends who are seeing a picture of me on the internet giving the finger to Russell Westbrook. Actually two fingers,’’ Harkaway wrote in a private post. “Not as simple as it seems. I love to scream at the players and anyone who has been to a game with me knows this. Part of my charm. What you may not have seen on any of the video clips is what started the whole thing, which was Russell Westbrook saying ‘sit down f — ing fat boy’ when I stood up to boo.”

“I am sometimes sensitive about my plumpness,’’ said Harkaway, who also dabbles in stand-up comedy. “I guess I got a little out of hand.”

This is probably the best angle we’ll get of Westbrook’s reaction. Harkaway could very well be telling the truth, but it is totally possible Westbrook was talking to the collective crowd and Harkaway was just having a moment of insecurity.

I know you’re still hung up on the ‘moonlighting as a comedian’ thing, so I dug up one of Harkaway’s old sets, in which he skewers his own weight. Not half bad. For a urologist.

P.S. ‘Sit down fucking fat boy’ is laugh out loud funny.

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