Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Agrees To Date With Another Fan After He Pledges $4,000 To Charity

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Fan Pledges 4000 To Charity For Date With Tennis Star Genie Bouchard

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Genie Bouchard apparently wasn’t joking a few weeks back when she was pining for a boyfriend to spend time with during self-isolation.

“Not complaining, but I feel like quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend,” Bouchard wrote on Twitter.

Naturally, that statement combined with the fact that Bouchard went on a few dates with some random guy on Twitter who she made a Super Bowl bet with in 2018 (and now will reportedly be made into a movie), meant that guys were coming out of the woodwork, shooting their shots for a chance to be her quarantine boyfriend.

As far as we know, Bouchard didn’t take any of them up on their very generous offers, but this past weekend that all changed.

Saturday night, Bouchard was on Instagram Live with Allie LaForce when she told the broadcaster, “I remember thinking, ‘Damn, it would be so nice, you’d have so much time to hang out with someone.’ Two days later my agent … (told me) I’m getting dating resumes in his email inbox. He sent me some and some of them are hilarious. A guy wrote out his resume like past experiences, good qualities, strengths and everything. I was dying.”

Bouchard added that she’s been stuck in Las Vegas this entire time and is “super alone.”

When a fan named Bob made numerous comments about how much he loved Bouchard, LaForce got him on FaceTime and he ended up sending her a DM asking her to “Netflix and chill.”

The fan, comedian Bob Menery, then offered Bouchard $500 to go on a date with him. She didn’t think that was enough and noted that $3,000 would feed the staff at a hospital as LaForce and her husband, Houston Astros pitcher Joe Smith, partnered with Project Frontline to deliver hundreds of meals to hospitals during the pandemic.

Then, just to sweeten the deal even further, Menery said he would add another $1,000 if Bouchard would order food in a British accent on their date.

She agreed.

“Why are you doing this to me, Bob? You’re guilting me, so I feel I have to say yes because it’s for charity, but I’m also highly uncomfortable with that. I’m going to say yes but I have no skill whatsoever in imitating accents,” she replied.

Whether the date actually happens remains to be seen, but knowing Bouchard’s history this probably won’t be the last we’ll be hearing about this.

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