Golf Fans Clown Patrick Reed Over Ridiculous Instagram Post Promoting LIV Golf

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Patrick Reed is one again the subject of public ridicule after a bizarre post on his Instagram account touting the virtues of LIV Golf.

Reed is no stranger to the spotlight, even though the former Masters champ has largely flown under the radar of late.

In April, shortly after The Masters, Reed’s $450,000 custom Porsche 911 turned up in a salvage yard in Houston, Texas.

Reed never mentioned any accident and no news about one ever emerged.

Since that point, he’s largely been laying low. Though he did take third at the season-ending LIV Golf Invitational at Bedminster.

But Reed surfaced again on Monday thanks to a truly ridiculous Instagram post about LIV Golf.

“I was visiting with my children last night, and I must say my heart is warmed. I listened as they reminisced with smiles and longing about the recent @livgolf_league tournament held at @The_Greenbrier, and it’s just very telling of what this league does. As a family, we’re able to #makememories together,” the post began.

Reed then listed out a number of reasons why he believes LIV is so great.

1. #familyfriendly events scheduled throughout provides games, community involvement, concerts and entertainment for all.
2. I don’t know a single player in this league who doesn’t love the even playing field of the #shotgunstart
3. #festivities are high-energy, fun! This should also apply to #bestgolffans @LIVGolfNation
4. #locationlocationlocation these worldwide tournaments are held at some of the most prestigious and challenging courses around the globe
5. #teams the team aspect is one of my favorite parts. We’ve got camaraderie and competition in the same tournament. Let’s go @4acesgc_ !!
6. #bestbroadcast I can’t say enough the great things I continually hear about the broadcast, the presentation of the scoreboard, and the app! It’s so easy to watch and follow along.

There’s a list of great things to love! Even playing Friday-Sunday adds to the ease. If you haven’t attended, there are just a few left this season, and I really think fans of this sport are sure to enjoy. IYKYK

Where to even begin with that?

For starters, the hashtag use is absolutely absurd.

Then there’s the whole “visiting with my children” part.

And, uh, what was about those broadcasts that everybody loves?

Fans on Twitter didn’t hold back when it came to mocking the post.

Even PGA Tour golfer Byeong An got in on the fun.

Patrick Reed, definitely out here having a normal one…