Aaron Rodgers Playing Season Opener On 9/11 Does Not Go Unnoticed By NFL Fans

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Stephen J. Cohen

The NFL is set to release the full schedule on Thursday. However, some primetime games have already been leaked.

On of those is a Monday Night Football matchup to kickoff the season between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets.

It should be a fun game, as both teams look like true contenders this year. Here’s Adam Schefter breaking the news.

However, this contest is scheduled to take place on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 and fans can’t help but point out the irony of it due to Aaron Rodgers’ alleged past comments.

Here’s a quick reminder for anyone who may have forgotten.

During a guest appearance on The Brenemen Show, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Deshone Kizer details a wild conversation he allegedly had with Aaron Rodgers about 9/11 conspiracy theories.

This video resurfaced again back in March after Rodgers announced he wanted to play for in New York.

Now, after the league schedules Aaron Rodgers and the Jets to play the season opener against the Bills on 9/11, fans can’t help but point out the irony.

Plenty of fans would rather the Jets play the New York Giants instead of the Bills.

It’s pretty wild actually.

That it should be, Mike.

Overall though, this should be a exciting matchup. However, Week 1 games can be a bit chaotic. But these teams are raring to go!

Either way, Jets fans can’t wait to see Aaron Rodgers take the field in the season opener. Especially since they’re taking on a division rival in the Buffalo Bills.