Yet Another Georgia Player Got Arrested For Serious Driving Violation And Fans Are Blaming Kirby Smart

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There’s no denying that the Georgia Bulldogs are currently the predominant force in college football.

Head coach Kirby Smart led the Dawgs to the last two national championships after an over 40-year wait without one for Georgia fans.

But it hasn’t come without its fair share of trouble.

When Smart came in, it was abundantly evident how much co ntrol he had not over just the football program, but the entire state Georgia. He even convinced state lawmakers to change their open records laws in order to benefit the tesa.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said David Cuillier,  an expert on Freedom of Information laws, who is an associate professor at the University of Arizona. “This is crazy. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that.”

The 90-day response period is unprecedented, according to Cuillier, who looks at state public record laws, exemptions, and has written three books on FOIA laws. Most states allow for a response within three to 10 days. Others, such as Florida and Alabama, have general language.  Arizona language is “reasonably prompt,” and on average agencies will give a response of three to five days.

But when s*** hits the fan. And boy has it ever hit the fan of late, it’s Smart who then holds the blame.

Georgia wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint was arrested Tuesday on reckless driving and speeding charges. On its own, it’s hard to blame smart for the incident.

However, this is the fourth serious driving-related charge for a Georgia player just this year. The first one, which involved Philadelphia Eagles first-round pick Jalen Carter, tragically led to the death of both a player and staffer.

The university is being sued for its perceived involvement in that incident.

By now, fans are beginning to wonder if Smart had control of his program.

Ultimately, so long as the Bulldogs are winning then Smart will be fine. But no one wants to see another tragedy, and you’d hope he gets things sorted out before the inevitable happens.