Fans Couldn’t Believe The Dodgers Turned Out The Lights Before HR Ball Landed

max muncy home run dodgers turn stadium lights out

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Over the past couple of years, Major League Baseball teams have tried to ramp up their celebrations when they win, a closer comes into the game, or when someone hits a home run.

The results have, for the most part, been very cool.

The creative use of music, sound effects and lights has been a real plus for those who go to Major League Baseball games.

Until it isn’t.

Case in point: During Monday night’s game against the New York Mets, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Max Muncy hit a moon shot home run to give the team a 6-5 lead in the sixth inning. (Los Angeles would go on to lose 8-6 anyway.)

Naturally, whoever runs the special effects at Dodger Stadium wanted to hype up such a big moment so they decided to flip off the lights and start the celebration.

Just one problem. See if you can figure it out.

If you noticed that the stadium lights were turned off before the home run ball actually landed, give yourself a prize.

Max Muncy’s home run ball was hit 433 feet and had an exit velocity of 108 mph.

Kind of seems like a surefire way to get one of your fans killed, doesn’t it?

Numerous baseball fans on social media certainly thought so…

“Picturing everyone in the stands tracking this ball and then just screaming and panicking once they can’t see it anymore,” another fan tweeted. “Lights off before a home run lands is awesome.”

“Some fan gonna join [Will] Smith on the concussion list,” tweeted another fan.

“Risk management 101 lol. Someone’s teeth got taken out on this one,” another fan joked.

“Can you imagine a baseball coming towards your head and the lights go out?!” someone else asked.

Based on the reactions, a lot of people can imagine that happening.

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