NFL Fans React To Mike Zimmer Being Restrained In Aggressive Exchange With Kirk Cousins

NFL fans react to Kirk Cousins Mike Zimmer aggressive exchange

Getty Image / David Berding

  • The Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions after kicking a game-winning 54-yard field goal as time expired
  • This is the second time in two weeks the Lions lost on a game-ending field goal but the real drama was on the Minnesota sidelines
  • Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer had to be restrained after an aggressive exchange with quarterback Kirk Cousins
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The Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions on a 54-yard field goal as time expired on Sunday. It marked the second time in two weeks the Lions lost on an excruciating last-second field goal.

Minnesota only had 37 seconds to march down the field and get into FG position after Detroit scored a touchdown to take a 17-16 lead with 41-seconds on the clock. The Vikings ran the kickoff back for 17 yards, Kirk Cousins fired off 21, 6, and 19-yard passes. Then they made the field goal and started celebrating.

This is where things got weird. A jubilant Kirk Cousins appeared to get too aggressive with Minnesota head coach Mike Zimmer with a celebratory push and shove that seems to have been misinterpreted. The clip shows Kirk grabbing the coach and then Zimmer appears to be so ticked off he has to be restrained. I’m sure cooler heads prevailed in the locker room but this tense moment has to be seen:

After the game, Kirk Cousins said “I was just celebrating with it, I was fired up” but it sure looked different from where I was sitting, at least in terms of how the head coach reacted. Do these look like two grown men who are happy with each other?

NFL fans on Twitter were quick to point out how this looked like a very heated and aggressive exchange and not a standard celebration after winning a game.

Ecstatic? Really?

Will anything come from this heated exchange between Kirk Cousins and Mike Zimmer? It’s not likely. The incident was brushed aside after the game. None of the mainstream sports media seems to be hammering the altercation today.