Fans Are Ripping The NCAA For Its Anti-Gambling Message At March Madness Tournament Sites

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

An estimated 47 million adults were slated to make some type of bet on the NCAA basketball tournament, amounting to upwards of $8.5 billion in total bets over the next three weeks.

Well, that was until the NCAA, the saint-like blameless moral authority on everything, started promoting anti-gambling messaging across the tournament sites. Now, Americans are putting their wallets away, unless its to donate to the college of their choice.

Right when you though the NCAA couldn’t be any more tone deaf after releasing the self-satirizing student-athlete ‘Day in the Life‘ video, they have the gall to plaster this message on giant screens across America.

Can you believe this shit? Mind you, on the NCAA website, there is a post that is legitimately titled: Printable March Madness Bracket, Play The Bracket Challenge Game.

Obviously, this bullshit got called out so hard on social media, but one passionate, tangential response about the NCAA’s gluttony came from an NFL executive who spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko.

This makes perfect sense to me, but the logistics behind paying college athletes sounds like an absolute nightmare. In a world of equal opportunity, how can you justify, on a social level, giving a male college football player exponentially more than a women’s field hockey player?

In any event, back to people shitting on the NCAA for their gambling warning bullshit.

Yo NCAA, you do you and I’ll do me. Stay outta my life.

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