This Fantasy Football League Punishes Last Place Finisher in the Best Way Possible…with a Humiliating Calendar

If your fantasy football league doesn’t boast some sort of punishment for last place, you’re definitely doing it wrong and the competitiveness in your league is going to suffer. If someone’s team starts 0-6 there’s a good chance they will completely checkout or worse, they’ll try to collude with someone who is in a position to win the league. But when you implement a punishment like this guy’s league did, you better believe you’ll be trying your hardest until it’s mathematically impossible to you finish anywhere but the bottom. Unless, of course, you want to be the star of an epic 2015 calendar like Henry here.

(Message to Henry: First of all, nice work. Secondly, you could probably make at least 20-times the first place payout of your fantasy league if you try to sell this. Lastly, you’re welcome for that revenue-generating idea and, since I like you, I’ll only require 10% of all sales.)



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