Bro Comes In Dead Last In His Fantasy Football League, Forced To Recreate Prince Fielder’s ESPN Body Cover Photo

We’ve been through this before, but fantasy football punishments are decent way to make sure people don’t collude or just stop caring about your league once their team gets off to a blistering hot 0-5 start. In head-to-head leagues, teams that just lay down and die can have a serious effect on who makes the playoffs. So we punish people. We punish people to make sure that doesn’t happen. We could go the other way and reward the lowly gutter trash in 11th and 12th place for trying, but humiliating them is far more fulfilling. “Thanks for not tanking, now take off all your clothes so I can submit nudes of you to websites.”

Have we seen this exact punishment before? Yes, we have. Quite honestly, we’ve seen it executed better — the guy made a fucking calendar! But the real punishment isn’t taking the photo or making the calendar, is it? No. It’s getting the word out that this guy sucks at fantasy sports…and has the hairiest legs the world has ever seen.

He’s never been bitten in the calf by a mosquito.

Not even once.



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[H/T Billy Bingo]