This Guy’s Punishment For Finishing Last In Fantasy Football Was Recreating Cassie’s ‘Me & U’ Video

Now that none of us will be able to eat or sleep tonight, let’s talk about what we all watched.

Fantasy football leagues have become known for punishing the living shit out of the last place finisher. Our Cass Anderson is in a league where the winner of the league gets to pick a brutal destination where the loser has to go. One year, they sent the loser to stay an entire night at a haunted clown motel in Nevada. I would have just abandoned the league and made new friends if I was that guy. No fucking way I’m doing that.

Anyway, temporarily ruining a friend’s life is part of the fun of fantasy football. And this guy, in the video above, learned that lesson the hard way. He is a student at Michigan State and his punishment for finishing last was to recreate the music video for Cassie’s 2006 hit “Me & U.” I’ve got to be honest, he did an alarmingly good job at it.