A 290-Pound Lineman Scored The Best Fat Guy Touchdown You’ll Ever See

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What’s the most exciting play in sports? Some people might say it’s a triple play. Others might point to a desperation buzzer beater with the game on the line. However, if you ask me, there’s only one correct answer: fat guy touchdowns.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the term, allow me to explain. A “fat guy touchdown” happens whenever someone who has no business touching a football manages to make their way into the end zone. If you want an example, you don’t need to look any further than the one the Tennesse Titans pulled off last year.

While it doesn’t technically qualify as an FGT, I also suggest you watch Dan Connolly’s 71-yard kick return from 2010, which might be the most electric play I’ve ever seen.

I’ve witnessed plenty of FGTs over the course of my life, and I can safely say the one that occurred at a Divison III football game in Ohio over the weekend is probably the best one I’ve ever watched.

On Saturday, the Heidelberg Student Princes had a 42-19 lead over the Capital Crusaders in the third quarter when they decided to throw sportsmanship to the wind and run a hook-and-lateral from the 12-yard line. Quarterback Tyler Stoyle completed a pass to Demetrius Magee, and the wide receiver tossed the ball to left tackle Brock Riggs, who did a full-on front flip into the end zone, defying the laws of physics and gravity in the process.

According to the Advertiser-Tribune, the play was nearly a year in the making, and based on Riggs’ final flourish, it was worth the wait:

“When you have an offensive lineman as your coordinator,” Heidelberg coach Scott Donaldson said, referencing Jason Lewis, “any opportunity he can to get an offensive line touchdown, he’s going to try.”

“So, last year, at Capital, we made a trick play for me to score,” Riggs said.

It didn’t work. Stoyle was intercepted.

“So, he swore he’d never run a trick play to me, ever again,” Riggs said. “But actually, in the locker room after that, when we came back, he said if I came back (to play in ’17) I’ll get a touchdown.

“Today, we made that come to fruition.”

I can certainly think of worse ways to cap off the season. I’d like to thank Brock Riggs for bringing a little bit of much-needed joy to my life.

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