These 4 Hacks Will Accelerate Your Fat Loss Efforts When Getting Shredded This Summer

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Happy shredding season, bros. It’s usually right around this time of year where bros all across the country really start taking things seriously. And by seriously I mean drinking three nights a week instead of four.

All in hopes that they’ll take off their tank at the pool and some damsel will be immediately smitten by their washboard abs. Which by the way, is a very noble cause of trying to drop fat. I’m not hating on that at all.

Because I’m in the exact same position as you, and I just want to get shredded in hopes that I can look awesome and hopefully get action from someone other than my palm this summer I’m going to share 4 fat loss hacks to help you get shredded this summer.

  • Actually track your food.

Fucking obvious, right? Like everyone knows this, yet far too few people actually do it, which is why I’m calling this a hack.

Tracking your food provides immediate insight into how much you’re eating every single day, which is valuable information when you can’t seem to drop fat. If you’ve got an idea of how many calories you’re eating, then you can start removing some of those calories and kick fat loss into high gear.

It’s also not hard to get started with. Free apps like MyFitnessPal make this a complete no brainer, so quit wasting your time and get the fuck after it.

  • Make 0 calorie beverages your best friend.

0 calorie drinks like Coke Zero and others are one of the greatest things that could’ve ever happened for dieters who are trying to drop fat. They allow you to kill your sweet craving without packing the added calories that come with normal drinks.

And before all of you bros start flipping your shit about artificial sweeteners and all of that fear mongering bullshit, spare me. I’ve written about this before. Artificial sweeteners, in moderation, are perfectly fine. They’re not going to make your dick fall off or cause cancer.

  • Quit eating nuts and nut butters.

I wrote the opening sentence to this point at least 10 different times, all making corny jokes about nut butter, and finally decided it was just too easy. That’s low hanging fruit. The joke is the name nut butter itself.

The actual point of this though is that nuts and nut butters contain a metric fuck ton of calories. Sure, they’re marginally healthy and obviously delicious, but just a single serving packs on nearly 200 calories.

And honestly, who actually has 2 tablespoons of peanut butter? It’s really easy to find yourself balls deep in a container of nut butter and before you know it you’ve blacked out and eaten the entire thing.

Removing those from your diet is a quick way to save a few hundred calories each day.

  • Pay attention to what kind of alcohol you drink.

Alcohol is by far and away one of the biggest roadblocks in the way of helping bros finally get the abs they so desperately want. It’s such an important topic that I’ve written about it in depth before.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, and your body prioritizes those calories above all else. Meaning that every other calorie you consume is likely going to be stored as fat. No bueno.

But choosing the right alcohol can help keep your overall calorie count down, which will help you get shredded. This is where choosing straight liquor over beers is always a good option, since you’ll be drinking far less to get the same overall effect.

You also want to try and limit the mixers you’re using. I love drinks like a good Old Fashioned, but the added sugars and mixers aren’t conducive to washboard abs.

Which is why drinking bourbon, vodka, or tequila neat is not only a much more manly choice, it’s a smart choice for keeping your abs visible.

Happy shredded season bros. Put these fat loss hacks into action and be prepared to throw out your washing machine, because your abs will do the trick.

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