Female Weightlifter Faints During Pan Am Games And Is Nearly Crushed

Scary scene from the Pan Am Games in Oshawa, Ontario where Genesis Rodriguez Gomez fainted during her clean and jerk attempt and was almost squashed. On Sunday, Rodriguez completed all three of her attempts on the snatch, which were at 88kg (194 pounds), 90kg (198 pounds), and 92kg (202 pounds), respectively.

The 20-year-old Venezuelan weightlifter missed her first 106kg (233 pounds) clean and jerk attempt, but was able to complete her second attempt at the same weight and landed an attempt at 109kg (240 pounds).

However during her lift attempt in the women’s 53kg (116 pounds) weightlifting she fainted when the weights were above her head and dropped the barbell. Luckily the bar was behind her head and fell in the back of her. I can empathize because one time I was double-fisting and lifted my two summer shandies over my head and passed out.

Rodriguez did win the silver and 32-year-old Rusmeris Villar Barboza of Colombia won gold in the event.

That’s not a good look.