Crazy Aussie Bros Use A Knife, Fork, And Spoon To Catch Huge Ass Salmon During The ‘Utensil Challenge’

by 5 years ago

I’ve been fishing my entire life. I caught my first fish when I was too young to remember it, but thankfully there are photos. In my decades on this planet never before have I heard of the ‘Utensil Challenge’, where you use utensils from your kitchen to catch fish. The utensil challenge requires that you catch a fish using each of the three items: a kitchen knife, fork, and spoon. My hunch is that there’s some wiggle room here on what constitutes a utensil, as you’re still adding a hook and it can pretty much be as decorative of a utensil as possible, but there’s also some wiggle room on actually landing the fish.

These Aussie bros are fishing off of Albany, Australia when the salmon bite is so hot you can practically dip your hands in the water and watch the fish by hand. They do manage to fight an Australian Salmon using all three utensils, but only using the spoon were they able to get the fish up onto the rocks:



It’s definitely an interesting challenge, and one that I’ll consider trying out in the future the next time I find myself amidst a fish spawn so think I could catch fish using boogers. But I’d like to send a big shout out to those dudes for actually catching the salmon using kitchen utensils, because it obviously wasn’t easy!

For more videos from these bros you should head on over to the ‘How Ridiculous‘ YouTube channel!