Florida RB Adam Lane Says Pooping His Pants During Bowl Game Was The ‘Best Thing That Could Have Happened’

by 3 years ago

Florida Gators running back Adam Lane had an unfortunate pants-pooping episode during the Birmingham Bowl but he’s totally cool with what happened.

Hell, he sounds almost happy his bowels betrayed him on the national stage.

That right there is a man who took the message of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off to heart.

It’s also a more mature and brave approach than the one I’d employ in a similar situation, which is:

  • Quit football
  • Throw my phone in a river
  • Wander Europe
  • Take up residence in a hostel
  • Dramatically alter my appearance
  • Re-emerge after a decade with the hope everyone had forgotten

Kudos to him for finding the silver lining in a very dark stain.

[H/T: @ragjuf]


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