Floyd Mayweather Just Dropped $3.5 Million On ANOTHER Bugatti And It’s A MASTERPIECE


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It’s hard to keep track of Floyd Mayweather’s spending habits even when each purchase is so far over the top it feels like we’re watching an unforgettable cartoon. But his most recent moments that stick out include purchasing his son a sleek Mercedes C-Class Coupe for his 16th birthday as well as receiving a pet tiger from The Money Team in Russia for Christmas. Technically not a purchase, but does it really make a difference at this point?

Now, today, per an exclusive from TMZ, we’ve learned that Floyd got car happy again, throwing down $3.5 million on a brand new 2017 Bugatti Chiron that he won’t even get until the Spring when it’s officially released.

Which, to be honest, seems a little odd. No preferential treatment for Floyd Mayweather?

Especially since the loyal boxer had just purchased a Bugatti this past October? What the hell is going on here?

I guess what’s most important to know is that the Chiron reaches an estimated top speed of 288 mph. Sounds like the perfect ride to take to Trader Joe’s. Or sit in a garage all nice and shiny with the rest of his 46-car fleet.