Floyd Mayweather Trolls Conor McGregor With Hilarious Fail Video, Calls Him ‘Conor McTapout’

I don’t know if Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will ever actually fight. I highly doubt it. I think they are just having a lot of fun talking shit about each other and keeping their names in the news to ever actually follow through with it.

Take for example this hilarious video that Mayweather posted to social media on Wednesday night where Floyd trolls the piss out of McGregor for losing to Nate Diaz at UFC 196.

Whoever put it together for Floyd did some very solid work. It’s got Rich Gang’s “Tapout” playing in the background while McGregor gets choked out, then sees Mayweather shaking his head in the boxing ring, and ends with the final burn of a caption that reads, “49-0 vs. Conor The Notorious Quitter.”

Then just to top if off, Mayweather offers up $10K to the fan who can caption the video the best with the winner being announced on Monday, December 19th. Choosing a winner, however, won’t be an easy task since so far over 118,000 people have commented and, you know, Floyd can barely read.

Floyd wasn’t done trolling McGregor there though. He also hit up Instagram Live and blasted McGregor again, calling him a bitch and “Conor McTapout.”

These two may never actually step into a ring together, but watching them verbally spar is almost as fun as watching some of the real fights that have taken place lately.