Floyd Mayweather Explains How He’ll Be Able To Live Lavishly For The Rest Of His Life

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Anyone who’s seen the 30 For 30 documentary Broke knows how easy it is for athletes who have earned millions of dollars over the course of their career lose it all in what is comparatively the blink of an eye. Thanks to that production, Antoine Walker is probably better known for his money management problems than his playing career, but he’s far from the only person to run into

Even some of the wealthiest and most high-profile athletes aren’t immune to financial issues. For example, Floyd Mayweather Jr. apparently owed the IRS over $22 million leading up to his fight with Conor McGregor thanks to unpaid taxes stemming from his bout with Manny Pacquiao. Based on the estimated $200 million he netted from the McGregor matchup, he shouldn’t have a problem paying it off, but if you think the episode is going to change his spending habits, you better think again.

There’s nothing Mayweather loves more than flaunting his wealth, whether is buying a $9 million mansion with a fleet of luxury cars to match or taking his crew on an all-expenses-paid shopping spree. While he might technically be retired, it doesn’t appear that he has any plans to cut back on his lavish habits, and in a lengthy interview with Hollywood Unlocked, he explained the reason he’ll never go broke.

In the interview, he bragged:

“20 years from now, I’ll still be able to buy the same things every month—a nice house, nice car. And everybody knows, I got any kind of car you can name. I been to any country you can possibly name. And 30 years from now, I’ll still have probably a newer jet, still have top-flight cars, and my kids will just be running all my different businesses.”

How is Mayweather going to manage to maintain such a luxurious lifestyle? He says he’s made a series of savvy investments over the course of his career— including a recently opened Las Vegas strip club—that will allow not just him but his entire family to theoretically  flourish for generations to come:

“Even if I wanted to fuck off all my money, I can’t, because I learned how to work smarter, not harder. When I went to my billionaire buddies, I never said, ‘Oh, I love your jet. I love your yacht. I love your house.’ [I said], ‘Show me how it’s done.’ And there’s only three ways you can learn—hearing, seeing, and doing. ‘Show me how it’s done. OK, now I got it.'”

Say what you will about Mayweather, but you can’t deny he’s a man who knows what he’s doing both inside and outside the ring.

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