Floyd Mayweather Fired Back at 50 Cent in Epic and Very Mayweatherian Response

Earlier in the week 50 Cent put his own spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he didn’t pour ice water it on himself, he didn’t donate any money to ALS research, but he made up his own challenge where he called out Floyd Mayweather to read a page from a Harry Potter book and he would donate $750,000 to the charity of the boxer’s choice. Then 50 made it even easier for the boxer when he lowered the bar by allowing Mayweather to read a page from Cat in the Hat. Then a radio show unveiled Mayweather’s possible illiteracy from his inability to read a drop. Well Mayweather has finally responded and it’s so Mayweatherish. Floyd didn’t respond with only one reason, but rather 72,276,00 reasons why he doesn’t need to read anything, but numbers.


I’ll gladly trade my literacy for just one of those checks.

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