Floyd Mayweather Finally Got His Chance To Respond Ronda Rousey’s Domestic Abuse Comments

If you don’t recall Ronda Rousey’s domestic violence comments, she took a shot at Floyd Mayweather for being a “woman beater” after she won Best Fighter award at the 2015 ESPYs.

I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by woman for once, I’d like to see him pretend not know who I am now.

When Steve Levy recently asked Mayweather how he felt about Rousey’s comments, he admitted that he now knows who she is, but he didn’t touch the “beat by a woman for once” comment.

That begs the question: Did Floyd Mayweather intentionally duck the question about Ronda Rousey’s domestic violence comments, or is he so stupid that he didn’t realize that she was calling him out for being an alleged woman beater?

We’ve all heard Floyd Mayweather’s cringeworthy attempt at reading, so from where I’m sitting the answer to the question above is a real toss up.