Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Still Jawing at T.I.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is never one to leave well enough alone. This past weekend’s Fatburger brawl apparently stemmed from T.I.’s suspicion that Floyd was sleeping with T.I.’s gorgeous wife “Tiny.” Despite Floyd’s contention that nothing happened between the two, in the video below, it’s clear that he’s relishing rubbing salt in T.I.’s wounds.

After the brawl, Floyd hit up Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club to presumably throw money in the air and dance around… because isn’t that what Memorial Day’s really about? In the Instagram video, Floyd is seen singing along to Chris Brown’s song “Loyal,” while adding “that’s what I told T.I.!”

Something tells me that he didn’t actually say that to T.I. Or maybe he did, and he’s just a really good friend, concerned that one of his best bud’s wives is potentially stepping out on him! It’s funny to imagine that amidst the brawl, Floyd just keeps yelling at T.I. “These hoes ain’t loyal! I told you these hoes ain’t loyal!” I suppose we’ll never know the full story, sigh.

[H/T Hollywood Life]